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IF01: Wireless 5G, Wired-Wireless Convergence Networks and Beyond

  • Thursday, 16 August • 14:00 – 15:30 • Room: B
  • Organizer: T. Russell Hsing & Jun Shu (Huawei Technologies)
  • Chair and Moderator: Zhiqin Wang (Director of Standard Center, China Academy for Telecommunication Research)
  • Keynote Speaker: Chih-Lin I (Chief Scientist of China Mobile,Head of Green Communication Research Center of China Mobile Research Institute)
  • Panelists:
    • Bingli Jiao (Professor, Peking University, China)
    • Moe Win (Professor, MIT)
    • Shin Nomoto (Vice President, KDDI Labs., Japan)
    • Wen Tong (CTO of Wireless of Huawei Technologies)
    • Chuming Qiao (Professor, State Univ. of New York at Buffalo)
    • Mr. Raghavan Muralidharan (CTO for TATA Power Company Limited)
  • Description: More and more wireless operators are now starting to deploy the wireless 4G-LTE systems around the globe now. The number of wireless subscribers who use smart phones for video streaming applications and high-speed wireless data usage keeps increasing every day. It is now the right time to have engineers, technologists, manufacturers and telecom policy makers get together to brainstorm on the architecture, features, requirements, business models and standards for the next generation wireless 5G and wired-wireless convergence networks in order to meet the anticipated demands in our future daily life.

IF02: Exploiting the Internet of Things

  • Thursday, 16 August • 16:00 – 17:30 • Room: B
  • Organizer: Lei Cao (Director of Technology Management Division, China Telecom)
  • Keynote speaker: Dongbin Jin (Deputy Chief Engineer, China Telecom, China)
  • Panelists
    • Arun Rajagopal (Manager Wireless Data Technologies, Sprint, USA)
    • Jianming Liu (President of State Grid Information & Telecommunication Co. Ltd., China)
    • Diane Jurgens (Managing Director,ShanghaiOnStar)
    • Wanpeng Fan (Chief Engineer of Internet of Things, ZTE)
  • Description: Internet of Things is now developing very fast in the world. The panelists , the experts in the field of Internet of Things, will share their views and experiences on how industry can exploit the opportunities from a wide range of devices, machines, and software entities interworking with each other and with humans.

IF03: Intellectual Property in the Global Communications Industry

  • Friday, 17 August • 14:00 – 15:30 • Room: 4
  • Organizer and Moderator: Steve Weinstein (CTTC Services Co.)
  • Keynote speaker: Junqi Xu (Director, Intellectual Property Center, China Academy of Telecommunication Research, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology)
  • Panelists
    • Paul Brown (Partner, Hogan-Lovells, London, U.K.)
    • Botaro Hirosaki (Executive Advisor, NEC Corporation, Tokyo, Japan)
    • Devan Padmanabhan (Shareholder, Winthrop Weinstine, Minneapolis, USA)
  • Description: Experts from around the world will describe how to move the communications industry forward and nourish global innovation through a better understanding of the patent laws in China and other major industrialized countries. They will address the opportunities for mutually beneficial intellectual property relations in the global communications industry.

IF04: Green Communications

  • Friday, 17 August • 16:00 – 17:30 • Room: 4
  • Organizer: Jun Shu (Huawei Technologies)
  • Chair: Dr. Shugong Xu (Huawei Technologies)
  • Keynote speaker: Rod Tucker (Director of the Centre for Energy-Efficient Telecommunications (CEET), University of Melbourne)
  • Panelists
    • Daqing Gu (VP of Research, Orange Beijing Lab)
    • Xiaoyu Tong (Deputy Director, China UniCom Research Institute)
    • Simon Fletcher (Senior Manager of Future Systems Architecture, NEC Telecom)
    • Vincent Lau (Professor, HongKong Univ. of Science and Technology)
  • Description: Power consumption of ICT industry has become an important issue globally due to both the political presure on global warming and the need on operation cost reduction. Green ICT has attracted lots of attention in the industry and related academic fields, especially in telecommunication. This panel will have several industry leaders ( from both operator side and vender side) as well as academic experts to share their view on this important topic.


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